Vapour & Shot blasting in Belfast

Shot Blasting Service

Powdertek Coatings Limited are one of the leading shot blasting and powder coating service providers in Northern Ireland.

We offer a shot blasting and/or powder coating service for many home items including gates, fences, railings, garden furniture, household items, plant holders, BBQs and many other objects.

The powder coating process can be used on various types of metal as well as wood, glass and plastics.

With our shot blasting, powder coating and other services we aim to achieve a very high quality finish to meet our client’s requirements at very competitive prices.

Vapour blasting Service

At Powdertek Coatings Limited we also offer a vapour blasting service.

Vapour blasting is a non aggressive process that uses glass media suspended in a high pressure water slurry.

The vapour blasting process is most commonly used on Aluminium, Magnesium, Copper, Brass, Titanium and bronze, Which gently cleans and seals the surface giving a 'As New' satin finish.

Because of the non aggressive process it doesn't damage gasket faces, threads or soft material. Making it the perfect choice for when you want to give your old parts a new lease of life.

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